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This site is designed for the express purpose of your being able to access information about issues of emptiness, numbness, and emotional and behavioral dyscontrol, including self harm and suicidality.  Information will be provided about one view of how such painful experiences arise, and what you can do about them.  You may read this material on line here, or you may download a copy of the information in pdf format.  For the time being, while this site is undergoing updates,  there is no charge for this service.

Feeling better through
understanding better!
Gary A. Taylor, Ph.D., ABPP
About the Author and the Article.
Dr. Taylor is a clinician/therapist with more that 40 years of experience.  He has focused heavily on how various symptoms are experienced by patients, as they describe these experiences in their own words.  Because of this, the descriptions of people's problems is often very clear and powerful.  Patients frequently describe the explanations which Dr. Taylor provides as striking and eye opening.  While working as a licensed psychologist at the Cambridge Health Alliance, McLean Hospital, and Harvard University Medical School during his career, Dr. Taylor undertook the study of the phenomenology of severe mental illness since patients so often felt misunderstood.  More traditional teaching/treatment methods give little attention to how it feels to be "empty" or "alone" and even less information on coping methods.

It is hoped that the explanations offered here will begin to change these issues for you and will offer more effective ways to understand and to handle the problems discussed here.
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This website is under construction.  As such, some material will change and other information will be added.  At the same time, a group of patients is reviewing this manuscript for accuracy and suggestions about improvements.  Such input will be used to change the site's information going forward.